1916 – 1930 Standing Liberty Quarter

Standing Liberty Quarter
The obverse and reverse of a Standing Liberty quarter.

Diameter21.21 mm
Obverse DesignLady Liberty with a shield
Reverse DesignAn eagle in flight and stars around the rim
Coin Mass6.25 grams
Composition90% silver; 10% copper
Silver Mass5.625 grams
DesignerHermon MacNeil
Mint MarksD-Denver; S-San Francisco; none - Philadelphia. Located near lowest star on left hand of obverse.
NotesThere are four main types of this coin. One was minted only in 1916. The second was minted in 1917. The third was minted from 1917 to 1924. The last was minted from 1925 - 1930. They all had slight variations in font, and sculptural features. Read more about this fascinating coin here.