US Silver Coins

Below is a table of circulated US coins minted between the late 1800’s and the 1970’s which have significant silver content.  You can click on the coins to get a more complete description. This table is replicated in the article “Junk Silver” which you can find here. you can find other articles about silver bullion above in the main menu. Also, if you are interested in buying US silver coins, please check out the dealers in our directory and reviews sections.

Common US Circulated Silver Coins

PhotoType of CoinMintage DatesWeightPercentage SilverAmount of Silver in grams
1945-P Jefferson War Nickel Obverse Icon Size1942 – 1945 Jefferson Silver War Nickel 1942-19455 grams35%1.75 grams
BarberDimeObvRev1892 – 1916 Barber Dime1892 - 19162.5 grams90%2.25 grams
MercuryDimeObverse1916 – 1945 Mercury Dime1916 - 19452.5 grams90%2.25 grams
Silver Roosevelt Dime1946 – 1964 Roosevelt Dime1946-19642.5 grams90%2.25 grams
1903 proof Barber quarter obverse1892 – 1916 Barber Quarter1892 - 19166.25 grams90%5.625 grams
Standing Liberty Quarter1916 – 1930 Standing Liberty Quarter1916-19306.25 grams90%5.625 grams
1932 – 1964 Washington Quarter1932-1964 6.25 grams90%5.625 grams
1899 half dollar obv1892 – 1916 Barber Half Dollar1892 - 191612.5 grams90%11.25 grams
1941 U.S. half dollar obverse1916 – 1947 Walking Liberty Half Dollar1916-194712.5 grams90%11.25 grams
Franklin HalfObverse1948 – 1963 Franklin Half Dollar1948-196312.5 grams90%11.25 grams
1964 Kennedy Half Dollar 90%196412.5 grams90%11.25 grams
Kennedy-rovescio1965 – 1970 Kennedy Half Dollar 40%1965-197011.5 grams40%4.6 grams
1899O1878 – 1921 Morgan Silver Dollar1878-192126.73 grams90%24.057 grams
Peace dollar1921 – 1935 Peace Dollar1921-193526.73 grams90%24.057 grams
US Liberty Bell Eisenhower Dollar1971 – 1976 Eisenhower Dollar*1971-197624.59 grams40%9.836 grams