30th Anniversary Silver Eagle to Have Edge Lettering

For the past year, Silver Eagle collectors and investors have been making speculations as to what the U.S. Mint will do for the 30th Anniversary of its world famous 1 oz silver coin. On Friday, December 4th, the President of the United States signed the FAST Act, which states that Silver Eagles with edge lettering will be considered anniversary issues. New devices and tools will be utilized by the U.S. Mint, which will take some time to implement and put into action. The legislation did not specify what the lettering will say, which gives the Mint a lot of room to come up with something worthy of putting on this anniversary edition coin. The Silver Eagle typically has reeded edges, which will continue with the standard silver bullion issues. A smooth edge with unique lettering similar to that on the America the Beautiful 5 oz silver coins will be featured on these coins. These anniversary edition burnished and proof Silver Eagles are expected to be for sale this coming summer and will more likely than not be met with huge demand and popularity in the precious metals and numismatic industries alike. The standard bullion version of this coin will be available for sale to authorized dealers on January 11th. The edge lettering seems to be a proper way to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the world’s favorite silver bullion coin. The Silver Eagle has remained virtually unchanged in its past 29 years, making this a landmark decision in the history of this famous coin. The FAST Act will also help make proof sets consist of .999 silver as opposed to 90% and possibly bring about the issue of a .9995 palladium 1 oz coin. The U.S. Mint is making large strides with many innovative ideas and products, and who knows what other great ideas are to come in the following years.

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