1916 – 1945 Mercury Dime

Obverse of the Mercury (Winged Liberty) dime.

Diameter17.91 mm
Obverse DesignWinged Liberty, mistaken for the Roman god Mercury.
Reverse DesignOlive branch and a fasces (a bundle of sticks with a blade protruding)
Coin Mass2.5 grams
Composition90% silver; 10% copper
Silver Mass2.25 grams
DesignerAdolph Weinman
Mint MarksD-Denver; S-San Francisco; P-Philadelphia located on left side of reverse at bottom between the "E" and the olive branch
NotesWeinman also designed the Walking Liberty Half Dollar. The fasces, is a bundle of sticks with an axe blade emerging and is a symbol of unity and power in war. The fasces is surrounded by the olive branch representing the desire for peace.