1916 – 1947 Walking Liberty Half Dollar

1941 U.S. half dollar obverse
The obverse of the Walking Liberty half dollar.

Diameter30.6 mm
Obverse DesignLady Liberty walking with flag over her shoulder
Reverse DesignBald eagle on perch
Coin Mass12.5 grams
Composition90% silver; 10% copper
Silver Mass11.25 grams
DesignerAdolph Weinman
Mint MarksD-Denver; S-San Francisco; none - Philadelphia. the D or S on some 1916 and 1917 specimens are located on the obverse beneath the "Trust". Later issues had mint marks on lower left, beneath the tree on the reverse.
NotesThe coin was met with generally favorable reviews. However, the mints had problems and many of the strikes of the coins are notoriously weak, lacking detail. Weinman also designed the Mercury dime. The "Walker" design was also the inspiration for the obverse design of the silver American Eagle coin.